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To Those Who Serve…

by tmcd on November 12, 2010

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Strong words and words that should be utter by all Americans on this honored day. This is a day to remember those, who gave their service, so that we could freely speak our minds, practice our religion and pursue our dreams. For 234 years, Americans have understood that these unalienable rights come at a cost and that those individuals, who have committed their service are the epitome of what makes us Americans.

Whether we have defended our lands in the early days of the republic or travelled to foreign lands to battle oppression and tyranny, the men and women of the United States Military have answered the call. Every modern day child should have to attend a Veteran’s Day parade, so they can honor those who have served and understand the true meaning of sacrifice. Children should be educated on the importance of flying the stars and stripes.

Teenagers and young adults should commit to a few hours of community service or perhaps, commit time to assisting those, who have served. And adults should take a moment out of their day to honor a loved one, a relative, a friend or a friend of a friend who has served. We are apt to know someone, who has given up their time to serve or is currently engaged in the service of our country. It may be a small gesture, but it will go a long way to remind those, who have served that their commitment is honored and appreciated.

It is grand to be an American and all to often, we take this for granted. Thank you to those men and women, who have given their time and service to let freedom ring.

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Throw Me A Bone

DPHA 2010 Innovative Product Awards

by tmcd on November 9, 2010

Every year in mid-October, the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association distributes it’s awards for the Most Innovative Products of the Year. These awards are chosen by a panel of judges made up of industry luminaries. This year’s panel include Pamela Jaccarino, the Founding Editor in Chief of LUXE Interiors + Design, Maxine Lauer, Founder of Sphere Trending, Jana Schiowitz, the Product Editor for Hospitality Design and Eliot Sefrin, the Editorial Director and Publisher of Kitchen & Bath Design. The categories for this year’s competition are Plumbing, Accessories, Bath Furniture, Door Hardware & Cabinet Hardware.

The Innovative Plumbing Product of the Year goes to Blanco Ronis by Blanco.

Blanco Ronis by Blanco

Beautiful styling that's adds grace and charm to any kitchen setting.

The Innovative Accessories Product of the Year goes to Blanco Solon Compost System by Blanco.

Blanco Solon Compost System by Blanco

This functional drop-in bucket provides the perfect place to scuttle those scraps.

The Innovative Bath Furniture Product of the Year goes to Manhattan Bath Vanity by Xylem Group.

Manhattan Bath Vanity - 36 inches

The solid poplar construction is a foundation of this minimalist, urbane design.

The Innovative Door Hardware Product of the Year goes to Purfertkurv by MAAX Bath Inc.

Purfectkurv Hardware by MAAX Bath Inc.

Closing the shower will never be the same.

The Innovative Cabinet Hardware Product of the Year goes to Convertible Latches by Berenson/R. Christensen

Convertible Latches by Berensen/R. Christensen

The functionality of a versatile latch can never be questioned.

All those manufacturers, who products were nominated should be congratulated for continuing to push the form and function of the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.

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October 10, 2010

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